Fine Feathers, at play with structure and function | 2022 community art show

Our 2022 art show, Fine Feathers, features over 70 works, chosen from over 250 submissions from artists, photographers, and poets. Each piece is inspired by birds and their feathers. The creators are influenced by feather colors, shapes, patterns, and functions. Through illustration, painting, textile, collage, photography, sculpture, and the written word, these creative expressions are as varied as the feathered creatures they depict.

Close-up on the iridescence of wild turkey feathers. Photograph by Tina Valentinetti and used by permission.
Close-up on the iridescence of wild turkey feathers. Photograph by Tina Valentinetti and used by permission.

You are perhaps most familiar with the function of feathers — how they help birds stay warm, keep dry, blend in, and show off during breeding season. While feathers are wildly diverse, they all share the same basic parts and a branching structure. Terms like barbs, barbules, calamus, and rachis come into play when one is closely examining feathers. And let’s not forget the types of feathers — wing, down, tail, contour, semiplume, bristle, and filoplume.

How can we play with that? Each feather is poetic in its own right; and yet each artwork carries a human connection. Viewers will find something of their own connection as they explore this exhibit. The artwork is a celebration and thesis functioning as both beauty and instruction.

Colored drawing of Baltimore Oriole with Orange slice as its belly/breast. Illustration by Nicole Gadouas and used by permission.
Baltimore Oriole Orange. Illustration by Nicole Gadouas and used by permission.

We welcome all to visit and be inspired!

Exhibiting Artists and Writers

Abigail Gong
Alison Forrest
Amelia Eigerman
Andreas John
Anne Callahan
Anne Gregson-Rendino
Annette Goyne
Barbara Ekedahl
Benjamin Donohue
Beth Murphy
Carol MacDonald
Carol McDowell
Charles Wallace
Chris Gluck
Dana Smith
David Pearson
Deb Sharpe
Deborah Dickerson
Denise Letendre
Dennis Delay
Elaine Colan
Ellin Anderson
Frances Cannon
Gail Yanowitch
George Macedo
Georgia Gong
Jenni Bee
Jessica Dion
Jon Hyde & Kimberly Sultze
Jonesy Barber-Smith
Judy Crabtree
Judy Crocker
Julia Behrens
Juniper Murray
Katherine Guttman
Kathleen Towne
Kathleen Towne
Katrina Meyers
Kay Johnson
Krista CheneyLibby Mortensen
Lily Hinrichsen
Linda Hurd
Lynn Cummings
Maria Ramsey
Matthew Pricken
McKenna Dickerson
Miriam Adams
Nancy Stone
Nicole Gadouas
Nora McDonough
Prudence Murray
Rebecca Padula
Richard Crocker
Sarah Rosedahl
Scottie Raymond
Sheri Larsen
Steff Stecklare
Summer Stratton
Susan Powers
Timothy Hoch
Tina Valentinetti
Tricia Knoll
Vivienne Strauss
Zapata Courage
Zeal Yaramishyn

The show runs from May 1 to October 31 at the Birds of Vermont Museum in Huntington. The Museum is open Wednesdays – Sundays, from 10am to 4pm, during these months. There will be an informal reception/meet the artists on Thursday, July 14, at 3pm. The Museum is located at 900 Sherman Hollow Road in Huntington, Vermont.

Follow along as we post about our Featured Artists  in social media this year.

collage of polaroid photos of submissions to Fine Feathers art show
Submissions to Fine Feathers Art show shown as a collage of phographs.


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