Results for Race Around Birds 2022

Congratulations to all the walkers, runners, and supporters of the 2022 Race Around Birds.

A sign points left to Spear trail while a runner is blurred going to the right.Green foliages is behind sign and runner; wood chips and fallen leaves cover the trail in the foreground.This year again we offered both “virtual (self-timed)” racing option and “in-person race day” option. People could run or walk, as they chose.

We had 31 people register, 8 of whom chose the “self-timed” option (not all of them submitted their times to us; that’s fine too). Based on what we saw from the museum, more than 8 people ran in the two weeks open for that option.

We did combine the results in the table below. Let me just say that we staff are totally impressed with every runner and walker. All of you inspire us with your determination! Continue reading “Results for Race Around Birds 2022”

Results for Race Around Birds 2021

Congratulations to all the walkers, runners, and supporters of the 2021 Race Around Birds.

Human running awway from viewer, wearing orange shirt and black leggings, and on a frosty-woodland trail with a bright blue sky and fall colors surrounding.
Runner on Spear Trail, heading toward the bird blind and the pond, November 6, 2021.

The results below are shown in three sets: The winners of the one-loop “single” race (about 5k, 3.6 miles); the two-loop “double” race (about 10k, 7.2 miles); and a chart of everyone’s times broken out by class. Continue reading “Results for Race Around Birds 2021”

Race Around Birds: results!

Congratulations to all the runners and walkers who took part in our first annual Race Around Birds!  All participants who provided a postal address were sent a Museum bumper sticker. And of course we had some awards to give out:

The Arctic Tern Award : J. Dion for the fastest “10k” (the double-route is actually over 11km!). She ran two loops in 1:50.

The Peregrine Falcon Award : S. Silverstein for the fastest 5k (it’s more like 5.8km). He ran it in 0:34.

The Roadrunner Award : M. Barnes (who was also the youngest runner) for being the second fastest at 0:44.

Double Clutch Recognition, for all runners who raced more than once but on separate days: L. Edling, V. Talmage, and S. Silverstein. A special congratulations to L. Edling for cutting her race time by a whopping 5 minutes on her second go.

The Hermit Thrush Award, for the fastest walking time, had a three-way tie between K. Hudson, G. Hudson, and A. Gergely, all at 1:25.

The Caching Championship, for seeing the most number of bird species while on the trail, goes to J. Morris and P. Spielman.

Our Golden Rake Award is to be shared by R. Sloan and V. Talmage for trail marking, prepping, and clearing trails. Thank you so much!

Ready to do it again? We have scheduled next year’s Race Around Birds for November 6th, 2021. Stay tuned for more info!

Cheers to all!

p.s. We’ve received some feedback but would welcome more. We want to make the trail run as enjoyable as possible—although we can’t make it easier. M. Barnes says, “It’s harder than Harwood!” All you Vermont high school cross-country runners probably know just what this means…and you’re invited to run ours next year.

Spear Trail sign in fall