Call to Artists: Power of Perspective

The Power of Perspective: a shifting point of view

How do we focus our creative “vision”? Consider the scope of an eagle’s eye—the narrow view of a gleaning warbler—the shadowed sight of a loon underwater. We may see birds above us from the ground, or below us from a plane. We may use a camera lens to record from afar, or a magnifier and lamps to perceive what is normally unknown. How does time influence your perspective? What if we “zoom out” from one bird to a species, to an ecosystem, to a planet? What if we “zoom in” to one bird to its wing, to a feather, to a gene?

How does your art reveal a point of view?

The Birds of Vermont Museum seeks art that speaks to both humans’ and birds’ perspectives and experiences. How might a change in perspective alter people’s understanding of the lives and needs of the birds who share our world?

Inspired by the 1977 short movie, “The Powers of Ten” (

SUBMISSION INFO: Art in any media, by new or returning artists, of any age, may be submitted. Submit up to three (3) works using the online form at We can accept .jpg (visual art); .mp3, .mp4 (music/video); .pdf or .txt (stories, poems) files types.

Include your name, email, town, and a brief description of each piece (type, media, when made).

We can also accept submissions by email: send files (same formats) to Please put “Submission for Perspective art show from Your Name” as the email subject. If you do not have email, you may send up to three prints or photos (not originals) to the Museum, attention: Perspective art show.

Visual, written, and multi-media works will be considered. In addition to walls, we have shelves for smaller three-dimensional pieces, room outdoors for weather-impervious works, and some ceiling area. We may need to work together to display audio or multi-media works. You are welcome to visit to consider the potential.

Entries are due by Monday, March 18, 2024, 11:59 PM.

In choosing works for a show, we strive to create a cohesive exhibit that illustrates the year’s theme. Jurors will select pieces by early April and will let artists know soon after, by email. Accepted pieces should arrive at the Museum between April 7 and April 20 and be ready to hang or display.

The art show runs from May 1 to October 31 at the Birds of Vermont Museum. Artists are wholly responsible for shipping or drop-off/pick-up. Pick-up should occur by December 30, 2024.

The Museum asks for permission to reproduce images of the selected works in print and online as part of publicity for the exhibit. If you prefer that we use partial or cropped images, or have preferred images, please tell us or supply them after acceptance.

Artists who show their work here are invited to sell accepted work, cards, stickers, or related gift items on consignment through our gift shop. Details are available on request. We are always thrilled to arrange artist workshops at the Museum with our exhibitors. Please tell us if you are interested in this.

Please call or email Kir Talmage or Allison Gergely with any questions. We can be reached at 802 434-2167 or We look forward to seeing your work!


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